God's Way

by Wayne Leeper, available from Wayne Leeper Ministries,
PO Box 2524, Lebanon, TN 37088, wayne_leeper@excite.com

One of our resource persons over the years that this ministry has been in existence has been Wayne Leeper.  Early in our work Wayne allowed us to distribute his work Prelude to Glory which explained the alleged contradictions in the Bible about the time between Jesus' death and His resurrection.  Later we added his book Star of Jacob which dealt with what the Star of Bethlehem was and what it was not.  We still carry these two books in our loan and at cost materials.  Wayne is a serious student of the Bible, and a relentless searcher for answers to the challenges that come to faith in God.

In recent years Wayne has been involved in helping people who are struggling with emotional pain.  We reviewed Ron Wilkins' excellent book, Removing Emotional Pain, in our March/April 2007 issue of this journal, and Wayne has built on Ron's material and is doing work in prisons and congregations on the biblical approach to emotional pain and how to deal with it.  This book is a product of this work and provides a good basis for group study of this complex and very prevalent problem.

The book is divided into two parts and has four appendices.  The first part is an eight-chapter discussion of the nature and effects of emotional pain.  The second part is a six-chapter discussion of how to learn to process and remove emotional pain.  The chapters all have a useful exercise for people to engage in and ten questions for the reader to consider.  There are worksheets and charts to assist the reader, and strong suggestions on how to deal with various situations.

The material is from a biblical perspective, and shows clearly the wisdom of what God has given us to help us be mature stable functional adults.  It will be a great small groups tool and could be used in a Bible class with great success.  We recommend it highly to Christians looking for solutions to painful memories and situations that have happened in their lives.

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