Removing Emotional Pain

by Ron Wilkins. SFT Awareness, PO Box 366, LaVergne, Tn 37086
ISBN: 0-9779817-0-3, @2006

We have promoted the use of personal experiences as personal ministries in our work for nearly 40 years. We have printed the works of Christians who have been willing to do this and have a whole series of books dealing with cancer, diabetes, birth defects, and catastrophic illness. This book is not one that we have printed, but it is in the same vein as the series we have. This book deals with addictions and emotional pain.

Ron Wilkins began drinking at the age of four and attempted suicide before age 20. He battled eight of the top ten addictions and spent over five years in prison. In the process of all of this he was helped by the Behavior Modification Institute of Atlanta and eventually worked his way out of his pain, anger, and depression. All of this was done without medication. He has now embarked on a ministry to help people overcome and remove emotional pain, and conducts workshops, classes, and one on one training. This book is a part of that.

What this book does is to take the author's personal experiences and use them to build an explanation of why we hurt and what we can do about it. There are only 107 pages, and it is not heavy with psychological theory. There is a Christian basis to the discussion, and occasional biblical reference, but it is not a theological work. This is a practical, informed, hands on discussion of a major issue in America and the Church today. It is from one who has "been there." It is useful and practical and we recommend it highly, especially to those who have loved ones who have addictive behavior that is affecting everyone around them. It will help them and you understand what the basis of this problem is, and offer suggestions about how to approach it.

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