Does God Exist? Field Programs for 2011

CANCELLED--We have had a smaller than usual response to our Canyonlands tour, and so this year's trip has been cancelled.  Rising gas prices and the recession have apparently taken a toll on people's willingness to commit to something like this in advance. We do not have any margin which will allow us to absorb a loss on the trip. We will try again next year.

For many years the Does God Exist? program has offered summer programs:  some in the field, and some in a classroom setting--both designed to help Christians train to be more effective in using apologetics to build faith and answer questions.  The summer/fall of 2011 we are offering the Canyonlands Tour, which visits the Grand Canyon and the canyon areas in Arizona and Utah. 

John Clayton is your host and teacher for these trips, assisted by Alan Doty.  Mark Story and QueensLander Tours ( are the coordinators of this trip.

CANYONLANDS TOUR--September 18-23, 2011.  A trip to the Canyonlands region for adults, including:  the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Meteor Crater, and more.  There are no charges by Does God Exist? for these programs.   The cost is $797 per person--double occupancy; single occupancy--$898 per person; three or four people per room--$549 per person.  Prices include bus transportation from Flagstaff, Arizona, and back, motels, park entrance fees, a boat trip, and breakfasts from Tuesday to Friday.  Not included in the price are the other meals, gratuities, souvenirs, transportation to and from Flagstaff, and motels for Sunday night and Friday night.

For more information contact us at:  John Clayton, 1555 Echo Valley Dr., Niles, MI 49120-8738 ( or 269-687-9426) or Mark Story at, 1-877-865-6711, or see their site for our tour--

To read about previous trips read these links--America's Canyonlands Tell of God's Handiwork (2003), The Grand Canyon 2002 Seminar:  More Data on Genesis, The First Does God Exist? Grand Canyon Float Trip (1988), and A Trip to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon (1987).

Upper four photos: Roland Earnst

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