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Copernicus “Human well-being and all human progress rest at bottom upon two pillars, the collapse of either one of which will bring down the whole structure. These two pillars are the cultivation and dissemination throughout mankind of (1) the spirit of religion, and (2) the spirit of science (or knowledge).”

“The practical preaching of modern science — and it is the most insistent and effective preacher in the world today — is extraordinarily like the preaching of Jesus. Its keynote is service, the subordination of the individual to the good of the whole. Jesus preached it as a duty — for the sake of world salvation. Science preaches it as a duty — for the sake of world progress.”

“Jesus also preached the joy and the satisfaction of service. ‘He that findeth his life shall lose it and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.’‚ÄČ ”

“Thousands of years ago Job saw the futility of finite man's attempting to define God when he cried, ‘Can man with searching find out God?” Similarly, wise men ever since have always looked in amazement at the wonderful orderliness of nature and then recognized their own ignorance and finiteness and have been content to stand in silence and reverence before the Being who is immanent in Nature repeating with the psalmist, ‘The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.’ ”

“Religion and science, then, … are the two great sister forces which have pulled, and are still pulling, mankind onward and upward.”

“I have, in effect, fingerprinted God in the heavens. I found a Creator continually on the job. I bear witness that the teachings of science are extraordinarily like the preaching of Jesus in that nature is at bottom benevolent and good.”

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