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I’m Not Broken

by Chet McDoniel, You Don’t Need Arms, LLC, © 2009
(available from chetmcdoniel.com), 85 pages,
$15.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-1441428981

Picture of Book The Does God Exist? ministry has responded over the years in many ways to atheist challenges that there cannot be a God who would create man with all of the tragedy and pain that is in the world. One of those ways has been to tell the stories of people who have undergone tragedy and problems in life. When our son Tim was born blind, mentally challenged, schizophrenic, and with cerebral palsy we told our story in a booklet titled Timothy: My Son and My Teacher. That was followed by The Whiner’s Guide to Chemotherapy by Judy Hines Ragsdale telling of battles with cancer; I’d Offer You My Seat … but It’s Taken by Ralph Scott dealing with being confined to a wheelchair for life; Living Successfully With Diabetes by my wife Phyllis after 60 years of insulin-dependent diabetes and its complications; and in 2006 All He Needs for Heaven by Jim McDoniel telling his story of having a baby born with no arms and no upper legs. That baby was born in 1980 and is now a young man who is doing lectures and conducting seminars on living with problems of all kinds. This book is one he has written — subtitled “You Don’t Need Arms to be Happy.”

Do you want an enjoyable read that will make you smile and give you advice for living successfully in spite of problems and disasters? If so, you will love this book. It shows from a Christian perspective, that happiness is a choice. In fact, that is the title of one chapter. Other chapters are “Use What You Have;” “Adjust Your Priorities;” “Invest Yourself in Others;” “Don’t Whine;” “Smile as if the World Depends On It — Because It Does;” “The Wrong Side of the Bed;” “Who Is Broken;” and “Define Broken.” Chet speaks from experience, from a dedicated commitment to God, and from a positive outlook on life. The book is only 85 pages and draws on his experiences as a travel agency owner, husband, father, and lecturer. We recommend this book highly.