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by Eugene A. Poirier

The Bible is our book from God
In this our Christian land.
We place it on our bookshelves
And in our pastors’ hands.
Most people own a copy
With a leather-covered back.
But when it comes to reading it
We find there is a lack.
When people watch a Christian’s life
They see the things we do.
They read our actions like a book
And watch our dealings too.
They hear our words, they see our deeds,
They listen, watch and look.
Within our lives, through daily walk
They read God’s other book.

Editor’s note: Mr. Poirier is one of a large number of prisoners who are taking the Does God Exist? correspondence course. He sent us this hand-written poem, and we hope you will take its message to heart.

Picture credits:
© Michael Shake. Image from BigStockPhoto.com