by Phillip Eichman
Gospel Advocate Co., 2009, 110 pages, $8.99 (paperback),
ISBN 978-0-89225-566-5

Many of the books we review in this journal are highly technical, detailed responses to the challenges of atheists and skeptics. The idea of this book is to give simple, brief explanations designed to sow seeds of faith which will, hopefully, grow into gigantic trees able to support life’s choices and struggles. Since the mustard seed is a very small seed, it is ideal to represent the problem we all face--our faith is not what we want it to be, but even a very small faith can do wonderful things in life. This book’s objective is to generate seeds of faith. Dr. Eichman asks 13 questions in the book, each making up a chapter. The questions are ones young people ask: “What is faith?” “Is there evidence that the Bible is inspired?” “Who is God?” “Who is Jesus?” “Who is the Holy Spirit?” “Who am I?” “Why is there pain?” “What about death?” The explanations are clear, easy to understand, and handled well.

This book is organized so that it can be taught as a class with a chapter a week for a quarter. Each chapter has a set of questions that are designed for class discussion. There are suggested activities and things individuals can do.

If you are looking for a good, basic book to use for a junior high, an early high school class, a vacation Bible school, or camp session, you will find this book to be helpful. It is easy to read and covers many subjects. Strong high school students will find it to be too elementary, and many unanswered questions will come up. There is not much like it out there, so it will be very useful in teen classes and programs.

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