The Lotus and the Cross

by Ravi Zacharias, Multnomah Publishers, Inc.,
PO Box 1720, Sisters, OR 97759, ISBN 1-57673-854-X, 94 pages

There are many ways of presenting comparisons between Christianity and Buddhism. For many people, the process of making comparisons is difficult because there is always the threat of intolerance. This book is an imaginary discussion between Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha with a prostitute named Priya and a boatman being participants in the situation. What would Jesus say to this woman and what would Buddha say to her as they share the boat. How do their teachings differ and how do they vary in their approach to the real problems of life.

The approach of this book is anything but intolerant. The book also accurately portrays the teaching of Buddha and what beliefs and claims Buddha made--both good and bad. Zacharias was born in India and has a good command of Eastern religions in general, and the exchange between Jesus and Buddha is respectful and cordial.

We recommend this book to anyone interested in the validity of the Christian system, and especially to those interested in studying Buddhism and in seeing ways in which the Christian system is superior to other religious choices.

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