Ode to a Basal Thermometer: A Journey Through Infertility

by Jean Bean Miller with Allen Wright,
Aljea Publications, 7707 Holland Drive SW,
Huntsville, AL 35802. 1990,114 pages

One of the messages we attempt to convey in our lectureships is that problems and difficulties in life can become talents we have. We can all do mission work by taking something that has been a problem in our lives and use our experiences as a tool to reach out to those who are facing afresh something we have battled in the past.

This book tells the story of Jean and Mark Miller from the time a ruptured appendix infects Jean's fallopian tube through multiple attempts to have a baby--surgical procedures, in vitro fertilization, adoption, and all the struggles and trauma a Christian couple experiences while struggling with infertility. This is a good realistic book. Comments like ".on Mother's Day (a notoriously bad holiday for the infertile)" (page 101) show that the author really knows the pain of infertility.

The book has two useful bibliographies--one on adoption and one on resources. There are numerous scriptural references in the book, perhaps because Allen Wright, a minister, is the co-author.

This book has a narrow field of interest, but we recommend it highly as a useful and sensitive source book for those who are dealing with infertility and related issues.

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