Leaf Wrapping Bats

There are many different ways that God has equipped living things to guarantee that they will survive. Evolutionists are fond of constructing models to give a hypothetical explanation of how these survival techniques and equipment could come about by chance. Being able to propose a series of unlikely events that might lead to a favorable result has its own set of problems but what everyone has to do as they evaluate such a claim is to ask if it is reasonable and is there any evidence to support it.

There is a group of bats in Australia and New Guinea called flute nosed bats. Scientist have always had a very hard time finding these bats during the daytime. Recently Dr. Marting Schulz at Australia's Southern Cross University has found out why.

What happens is that when the bat is ready to hide for the day, it flies into a tree then hangs next to a leaf which is considerably larger than they are. They grasp the edge of the leaf with a hind foot and thumb and pull it around their body. The outside of the leaf is all that can be seen and predatory birds or other animals that might eat the bat cannot find it. Baby bats separated from their mothers are able to do this leaf wrapping, so the behavior is in their genetic makeup and not a learned response.

This is just another of thousands of examples of survival techniques that speak of design and purpose in the creation. We might theorize as to how such a behavior becomes genetically imprinted, but a more reasonable suggestion is that it is designed by a mind that knew the animal needed something special to survive.

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