by Bonita Searle-Barnes, Lion Publishing,
850 North Grove Ave.,
Elgin, IL 60120, 1993

Children's books on science and faith can be hard to come by and are frequently laced with adult misunderstandings. These books are a series of four books, each of which would be perfect for a family devotional series or for homeschooling. The four books are on sound, water, light, and air. Written for ages 5-7, each book has a factual discussion about the subject followed by a series of simple experiments that children can do. In the unit on light, for example, light is explained, the rainbow is discussed with a simple explanation of refraction, and a lab using soap bubbles is presented to explain the nature of color. In the unit on air, the child builds a parachute. In the unit on water, Archimede's principle is explained and the child builds a boat and is taught why it floats. In the unit on sound, the child builds a zither with a meat loaf pan and rubber bands. The labs are scientifically sound and easy to do. The book is a hardback and is very colorful.

The main attraction to Christian parents is that the book is very friendly to faith and to the Bible. In each section, there is a quote from the Psalms or a reference to a biblical event to which the subject applies. Reasons to Believe, PO Box 5978, Pasadena Ca 91117 has these books for $6.99 each or all four for $25.00. We recommend these books very highly to parents, Christian schools, homeschoolers, and teachers who want ideas to use in their elementary school classrooms. This company also has a little paperback for $1.99 titled God the Creator Thought of It First by Joan Keener that we have looked at and which we recommend. It is like our Dandy Designs series showing design features in living things that modern science has just recently come to understand.

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