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God's Not Dead

by Rice Broocks, W Publishing Group, © 2013,
279 pages, $15.99 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-7180-3701-7

The cover of God's Crime Scene

The subtitle of this book is “Evidence for God in an Age of Uncertainty.” Rice Broocks does a good job of presenting that evidence in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Broocks was the apologetics consultant for the excellent movie God's Not Dead.

Broocks uses illustrations from his own experience, quotes from unbelievers, and quotes from outstanding apologists such as William Lane Craig, Hugh Ross, and Ravi Zacharias. After dealing with the fact that “Real Faith Isn't Blind” and “Good and Evil Are No Illusions” he goes into a discussion of the now proven scientific fact that “There Was a Beginning.” He starts that chapter with what sounds like a joke, “What did Moses know about the universe that Einstein didn't?” The answer is, “That it began.” He brings out the fact (as the movie did) that from Aristotle to Einstein (over 2000 years) science believed that the universe was eternal. Moses tells us in verse one of Genesis that it had a beginning — something that science has learned only in recent years.

Broocks then goes on to present the evidence for the fact that “Life Is No Accident.” The complexity of “DNA: The Language of Life” indicates design. Anthony Flew, the leading atheist of his day, came to believe in the existence of God “almost entirely because of the DNA investigations.” Since life was designed, “Life Has Meaning and Purpose.”

Brooks continues by showing the evidence for “Jesus and Resurrection” and the veracity of “The Witness of Scripture.” He concludes by showing “The Grace Effect” in our world and how Christians today are “Living Proof” of God. We highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Roland Earnst