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Bible Reliability:
Discovering a Science-Based Genesis

by Dr. James M. Gregory, Lulu Press, Inc., at Lulu.com, ©2012
257 pages, $28.95 (paperback) ISBN-13: 978-1-105-64394-1

Picture of Book Dr. Gregory is a professor of engineering and has taught at the University of Missouri and Texas Tech University for over 30 years. This book is a collection of studies Dr. Gregory has been involved in throughout his academic career. Being trained in science and engineering, the author has extensive use of graphs and mathematical equations in his writing. This makes the book a great source of graphics for teachers and lecturers in apologetics, because many times a chart, line graph, or histogram is used instead of a verbal description of the point being made. The last 54 pages of the book are appendices with the major one being a comparison of Bible statements, the author’s comments, and scientific or historic information.

The book is divided into 14 chapters dealing with a wide range of subjects. Some are very scientific, such as, “The Origin and Language of Life.” Others are very theological, such as, “Attitude, Anger, and Association with God.” Some are quite debatable, such as chapter seven which attempts to show that the long ages of people like Methuselah are within the realm of possibility. Much of this type of discussion is showing possibilities and the spirit of the writing is not dogmatic or legalistic. The material is not young earth or fundamentalist in nature. There is considerable information concerning the flood of Noah. You probably will not agree with Dr. Gregory on everything, but he will make you think and bring you some fresh ideas on a variety of subjects.

We recommend this book to college students and people working in apologetics. It will challenge you, and give you a wide cross-section of views. Much of the material is dated, with some references going back into the early and mid twentieth century; but most of the material is referenced to the early twenty-first century. The book is well written and brings some interesting speculation on the credibility of the biblical account from a scientific viewpoint. It is a good reference source, but not an organized apologetic, and we recommend it for reference purposes.