Book Review title

A Dictionary of Christian Denominations
by Peter Day
Continuum Publishers, 2003, 528 pages, $120.00 (hardcover), ISBN-10: 0-8264-5745-5

      DenominationsOver the years we have gotten letters on a fairly regular basis from people who want to know what a particular denomination is about, what they teach, and what their history is. In our day of cults and people looking for something new and exciting, this can be a major issue. The problem is that the number of denominations is in the hundreds and finding reliable information is difficult. If you contact a denomination you will hear what they want you to hear and not an objective picture of what their history and connections are, or even what they believe about issues like communion, baptism, miracles, and discipline.

Peter Day is a historian who records things without bias and in a very concise manner. Each denomination is identified by name, with a cross reference to other names they may have used. A brief history is given along with the key people who started the denomination. Their theology is given in abbreviated form. While you will not get their position on social issues for the most part, you will find out what their primary beliefs are.

While the cost of this book puts it out of reach of most people, you may want to request your library get it as a reference edition. If you work with a lot of people in counseling or in areas where there are young people searching for a church home, this is a convenient resource item. It is a great reference source for information on over a thousand denominations and sects.

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