Evolution: The Fossils Still Say No!

by Duane Gish, Institute for Creation Research,
El Cajon, CA, 92021,
ISBN 0-89051-112-8, 1995, 391 pages

The most capable man in denominational creationism is Duane Gish. Gish has debated the top evolutionists all around the world, has written extensively, and has had the credentials to answer many technical questions that other creationists cannot handle. In 1973, he wrote a book titled Evolution: The Fossils Say No! This book is a reprint of the original with updating and the addition of some new contemporary finds.

This is a book on fossils, as the title implies. Detailed discussions of fossils make up most of the book after opening discussions about philosophy and creation and evolution models. One of the strengths of the first book was that it did not get bogged down in trying to prove a young earth, and that is true again in this version with only seven pages skimming the time issue. Page 53 in the book surveys fossils and attempts to debunk evolutionary claims by pointing out assumptions or errors in the way fossils have been presented in the past. Exhaustive quotes of experts are used--sometimes out of context to be sure, but they are used instead of quoting creationists or non-qualified people in the field.

If you are looking for a technical book on fossils to oppose evolution, this is a book you will want to have. Evolutionists will point out that many of the quotes are very old, that they are out of context, and that there are some misuses of things like the second law, but Gish has done a good job of making the best defense possible in the subject area of the fundamentalist view of fossils and history. We feel there are errors in denominational creationism, but this is the best book they have to offer.

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