Missing Link Found

by Jim Mulligan
Channelview, Texas

Abacus with eyes and hands calculating The advance of modern scientific thinking and research are truly amazing! We are learning the origins of everything. For example, consider the latest pieces of evidence linked together by great thinkers.

Archaeologists have discovered that around AD 1300, the ancient Chinese were using a device called an abacus for mathematical calculations. This was a frame containing several rows of beads. Somehow this device evolved into a slide rule by the early 1900s. We know this occurred, although we do not yet know exactly how, because both involved a sliding motion in doing mathematical calculations. This evolutionary link has long been sought. Later, the slide rule seems to have developed a keyboard to which its numbers migrated, and then grew anRuler with eyes, hands mouth and feet electric cord to become the kind of adding machine/calculator found in the period 1940-1975. This evolution of the electric cord, especially the older, two-pronged kind, has also been a missing link but is now found. The mid-twentieth century is the beginning of the period where we have fairly accurate information. For instance, we know that Calculator somehow the calculator began to evolve in several different ways. Some seem to have attained batteries which freed them from the need to be connected to a wall outlet. Others developed solar power cells, enabling them to function independently of all external power sources except the sun. Still others seem to have cross-bred with a television set to produce a kind of primitive computer while simultaneously developing artificial intelligence--a great improvement over ordinary television in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, since there is no evidence of intelligence in television programming of that time period.

Television All this is accepted by virtually everyone in the scientific community--at least by all who are intelligent enough to be listened to. Admittedly, there are still a few fundamentalists who hold the ridiculously outmoded position that each of these devices was specially designed by an intelligent being. However, since Evolutionary View became the State Religion of the United States following the Supreme Court ruling of 2009, such extreme views have few adherents. --Reprinted from Ancient American Archaeology and Science , June, 2253

The above article is obviously a figment of my imagination, but it is just as reasonable as some of the assumptions made in the "scientific" community today, where evolution is taught as a fact in schools even though it involved stretching the imagination as much as the fictitious article does.

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