Facts for Faith--a Periodical

From time to time we have included reviews of magazines in this column. The magazines have always been periodicals that deal with some aspect of apologetics, and which we feel our readers might find useful and attractive. We would like to present a new periodical this month which is titled Facts for Faith. This quarterly publication is available for $24.00 a year from Facts for Faith, PO Box 469059 Escondido, CA 92046-9509; phone 877-534-7062.

Those of you who keep up with the field of apologetics will recognize the name Hugh Ross. Dr. Ross is an astrophysicist who started a program several years ago called "Reasons to Believe." It is unfortunate that what most people know about Dr. Ross is that he is a "old age creationist." What that means is that he has been almost exclusively identified as being a man who believes the earth is billions of years old. What is missed is that this is a minor part of his work. He offers an aggressive, scientifically viable, strong approach to belief in God. His work has been tremendously successful at the college level and with professional scientists. This attractive four- color 65-page periodical is consistent with his work.

This periodical has numerous articles on the evidence for the existence of God from several fields--philosophy, science, history, psychology, etc. In addition, articles are presented dealing with issues like UFOs, evolution, and moral issues such as abortion. There are a large number of book reviews in the journal as well as advertisements for Ross' program and schools like Biola University.

There are areas that we disagree with in any written work, and this is no exception. The political connections and involvement in modern prophesy are areas we wish the Reasons to Believe people would stay out of, but the periodical is attractive, has many good articles, and is a useful resource in gleaning material to be used in showing others that belief in God and in the Bible is reasonable and logical.

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