Editor's Note: During lectureships, I use the word think many times as I try to get people to think logically and rationally about the facts. One little 5-year-old girl came up to me one night after a program and said, "You yelled think 45 times tonight!

Think! for it distinguishes man-raises him above the animals and makes him more like God.

Think! for no brain is stronger than its weakest thought-and thought by thought, man forges his chain of success.

Think! for it is your chief vocation-no matter how you earn your bread.

Think! for it will shorten your job-whatever it is.

Think! for it is more essential to living than education-and more perti nent to fruition than grammar.-Thomas Wentworth Higginson

Oh, Lord, how great are thy works! and thy thoughts are very deep (Psalm 92:5).

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