God Did It, But How?

By Robert B. Fischer, ASA Press, PO Box 668,
Ipswich, MA 01938-0668, 1997, 121 pages

The most fundamental statement of our approach to apologetics is that science and faith are not adversarial in nature, but symbiotic. This book is a work dedicated to that same belief. The author is a research chemist with a long and distinguished academic career. The publisher is the American Scientific Affiliation, which is a group of scientists who believe in God and work to provide academic support for belief. This group is made up of people with a wide range of beliefs and backgrounds, but generally you will find members believing the earth is of old age and that theistic evolution is a tenable position. This background is obvious in this book.

It is not really a scientific book. Fischer begins by dealing with questions of who, what, how, and why as applied to God. The methods God uses are discussed with attention to Hebrew words such as yom, bara, asah, and yatsar. The author takes an old age earth view and integrates evolution and the Christian faith.

There are good explanation in this book. The nature of God, the process of miracles, and different ways of visualizing God's actions and processes are handled in a unique way. No scientific evidence or arguments are made in the book as it tends to function from a more philosophical and theological standpoint.

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