Being a Christian in Science

by Walter R. Hearn, InterVarsity Press,
Downers Grove, IL, 1997, 178 pages.

The most fundamental point that the Does God Exist? program attempts to make is that science and religion are not enemies, but friends. It is our contention that both religionists and radical atheistic scientists have made a major error over the years by attempting to make students choose between their faith and science. This is not only unnecessary and counterproductive, it is also incredibly destructive. I have had students in my 39 years of public school teaching, who were talented, gifted, scientifically oriented people, but who ended up not going into science as a career because they have been given the idea that they had to give up their faith to do it. I have also had people attend my lectureship programs who were scientists and very unhappy and unfulfilled in their lives, but felt that belief in God was not an option for them unless they were willing to give up their scientific careers.

Walter Hearn is a leader of the American Scientific Affiliation. This is a group of scientifically trained people who also identify themselves as "Evangelical Christians." Dr. Hearn is a biochemistry professor and researcher who was one of the founders of New College Berkeley where he currently works. He was the principal author of the book for teachers titled, Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy. Hearn has written this book to encourage young people who want to go into science but who also have an interest in spiritual things.

Hearn believes that science is a Christian calling. He feels that spiritual factors help a scientist in what he or she does, even though the things being measured may be physical. The book explores the nature of true science, and then discusses how Christian beliefs can help a person in being a good scientist and live a productive life, and how science can help build faith. The second part of the book deals with specific relationships and things that can help. The relationship of the Bible and Science, the help this organization, The American Scientific Affiliation, can provide, what is on the internet, and a discussion of heroes and role models in this area are presented.

We find this to be a very useful book. Parents might like to give a copy to their teenager who is looking at life choices and plans for the future. The book is positive, helpful, accurate, and general enough to be of help to anyone. We recommend it to you for use in the area of meshing science and faith on a practical level, but not as an apologetic work.

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