By Anita Worthen and Bob Davies,
InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Il, 1996, 215 pages.
Available from Exodus International,
PO Box 2121, San Rafael, CA 94912

Between the growing aggressiveness of the homosexual community, the growing acceptance of homosexuality in our culture, and the increasing disintegration of homes in our culture, it is increasingly likely that all of us will have to deal with homosexuality in the near future. It is our belief and experience that gay behavior is not only destructive in nature, but that it is at odds with any reasonable interpretation of the Bible. Like the use of recreational drugs, adultery, or abusive behavior, we can hate the lifestyle without hating the person; and there is no justification for bashing, ridiculing, or persecuting those who embrace any of these practices. As Christians, it is our job to help those who will permit help to be given.

Homosexual resources that are positive and constructive are hard to come by. It has been our experience that the group called Exodus International comes the closest to a useful and consistent resource to help others. This book is one of its products. It is subtitled "How Family and Friends Can Respond."

Exodus International is made up of ex-gays or people who have family members who are gays. All of this group's materials are based on experience and this book operates from personal experiences. In each case, a real person has experienced a problem that the reader may have or has experienced. How they solved that problem is detailed and suggestions are made of what to do and what not to do. The chapter headings explain the book well.

In addition, there are numerous resources given and support group information is provided. This is a useful and helpful book. We recommend it highly.

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