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Charles Townes

“To me, God is personal yet omnipresent. A great source of strength, He has made an enormous difference to me.”

“Life may be very improbable, but it did happen and it happened in accordance with physical laws, and physical laws are laws that God made.”

“Science and religion are often viewed as separate aspects of our beliefs and understanding. But religion is an attempt to understand the purpose of our universe and science — an attempt to understand its nature and characteristics, so the two are necessarily related.”

“Religion, with its theological reflection, builds on faith. Science too builds on faith. How? For successful science of the type we know, we must have faith that the universe is governed by reliable laws and, further, that these laws can be discovered by human inquiry. The logic of human inquiry is trustworthy only if nature is itself logical. Science operates with the faith that human logic can in the long run understand nature’s laws and that they are dependable. This is the faith of reason.”

“I think all of science, in a sense, comes from belief in order in the universe. That's part of scientific faith, that there is order and reliability, and so on, and that’s part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, that there is one God.”

“In my view, the question of origin seems to be left unanswered if we explore from a scientific view alone. Thus, I believe there is a need for some religious or metaphysical explanation. I believe in the concept of God and in His existence.”

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