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Evidence for Jesus

by Ralph O. Muncaster, Harvest House Publishers, © 2004,
219 pages, $10.99 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-0-7369-1275-4

Evidence of God book coverOne of the challenges that those of us with a ministry in apologetics all have is getting people to look at the evidence. Many people would rather read a tabloid lie than a scientific dissertation of truth. The result is that they have grossly incorrect understandings of what the evidence really is. Ralph Muncaster has attempted to solve this by mixing facts with a novel-style of writing. The book has 19 chapters, each of which begins with a story in novel-style which is fictitious but based on what the situation could have been like. At the end of each section is a conclusion.

As an example, the first chapter deals with the empty tomb. The conclusion says “The inability of the Jewish leaders and Romans to produce the corpse of Jesus is powerful evidence that it didn't exist — given that everything reasonable was done to protect it and there was no motivation for others to steal it. The logical conclusion would be that Jesus indeed rose from the dead.” The chapter begins with a description of four fictitious characters as they begin the day when it is discovered that the body of Jesus is missing. The views of all segments of society are given — the Romans, the disciples, the Jewish leaders, etc.

There are 18 conclusions, a wealth of historical facts, and biblical quotes given in an easy to read style. This book would be ideal for junior high and high school readers, but the charts and accuracy of the quotes makes it useful for any reader. We recommend it as a good source of support for the historical Jesus.