There is a fundamental mystery in my personal existence, transcending the biological account of the development of my body and my brain. That belief, of course, is in keeping with the religious concept of the soul and with its special creation by God.

I am constrained to attribute the uniqueness of Self or Soul to a supernatural spiritual creation. To give an explanation in theological terms: each Soul is a new Divine creation which is implanted into the growing fetus at some time between conception and birth.

I do believe that we are the product of the creativity of what we call God. I hope that this life will lead to some future existence where my self or soul will have another existence, with another brain, or computer if you like. I don’t know how I got this one, it’s a pretty good one, and I am grateful for it, but I do know as a realist that it will disappear.

I repudiate philosophies and political systems which recognize human beings as mere things with a material existence of value only as cogs in the great bureaucratic machine of the state.

With self-consciousness purpose a person has a great challenge in choosing what life to live.

One can choose to live life dedicated to the highest values, truth, love, and beauty, with gratitude for the divine gift of life with its wonderful opportunities of participating in human culture.

(Additional quotes are in our May/June 2010 issue.)

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