An Account of Hope

by John Billington, published by Tate Publishing, 127 E. Trade Center Ter.,
Mustang, OK 73064,, 2007,
284 pages, $24.74 ppd., (paperback), ISBN 978-1-6024716-1-0

We live in an age of relativism and religious pluralism in which all religions are touted as being equally valid, and all philosophies holding some truth but none having absolute truth. Christianity stands adamantly opposed to both of these positions, which has made Christianity immensely unpopular in much of what is printed in today's religious and educational world. The fact is that the Christian system can be defended and does have answers to the major questions of life. Billington identifies and presents a unique approach to these questions. Involved as well are other questions we all deal with in one way or another--such as, "What am I?" "How do I know I am here?" "Why am I here?" "Does conscious life have purpose and meaning?" "Evil, what is it?" "Where does it come from?" "Why should I live with all this evil and how do I live with it?"

The chapter headings give you an idea of how this book approaches these issues. They include: "The Christian Faith Today," "Faith Hope and Life," "The Integration of Faith and Reason," "God, Man, Evil and Judgment," and "Is Our Ability to 'Accept' Determined or Freely Chosen?" The author shows the logical inconsistencies of atheism and explores the unique features of the Christian system that allow it to claim to be the one faith. His approach is theological and philosophical, with extensive quotes from leading experts in the field. The discussion of the inadequacies of atheism are extremely well done. There is a glossary and three appendices on a variety of related subjects like the cloning of a human, purpose and identity of humans, and what "the elect" means.

This is not a book you will sit down and absorb in one evening. It is deep, challenging, well documented, well written, and very current. We recommend it highly, especially for college students and people working with people who have concerns about why the Christian system is any better than any other belief system.

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