Ralph Scott Gives Up His Seat

If you have been following our work for the past year, you know that we have been involved in a project with Ralph Scott. Ralph was a high school athlete with everything going for him. When he was 15, he contracted a severe case of polio. Even after intensive therapy and treatment, the disease left him confined to a wheelchair for well over 50 years. In spite of his severe handicaps, Ralph succeeded in graduating from college, conducting a successful business career, and continued to have involvement in athletics, especially with the University of Alabama football team.

Ralph ScottThe Does God Exist? ministry has sought to answer questions about God and human suffering by printing personal accounts of people who have taken what appears to be a huge tragedy and turning it into a life-fulfilling ministry. When I met Ralph many years ago, I started badgering him to write his story so that people who have suffered a debilitating injury or disease would see that they can make a wonderful life for themselves and can actually make some good things come of their terrible tragedy. One of the things that the medical profession is learning is that polio victims eventually are afflicted with post-polio syndrome, even if their polio had been mild. In Ralph's case, the post-polio syndrome was severe, and it was this realization that finally motivated Ralph to write his story.

Ralph Scott passed away on March 7 after his respiratory system and heart were severely affected by the post-polio syndrome. We saw him in February and were thrilled at the lives he had touched and the continued encouragement and support he was giving to others in spite of his own medical problems. Ralph's book was titled I'd offer you my seat...but it's taken (referring to the wheelchair). Ralph is now free of the body that confined his enormous spirit to that mechanical chair. We will miss him and his phone calls and positive spirit. Our sympathies go out to his wife Donna (who did so much to encourage and support him) and to his family and friends.

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