The Drug of the New Millennium

by Mark B. Kastleman Granite Publishing Co.,
ISBN 1-930980-63-9, 2001, $19.95, 414 pages

Anyone who has been on line for any period of time, has to be amazed at the massive amount of advertising of pornography that comes at anyone whose address gets circulated at all. As I work with young people at colleges and talk to teens at retreats and youth rallies I am constantly amazed at how many of them are struggling with the pornography issue, most of it coming from the web. Mark Kastleman has subtitled his book "The science of how Internet pornography radically alters the human brain and body." This is a detailed study of pornography, specializing in how it is promoted through the Internet and what its affects are on human thinking and acting.

When one reads through the chapters of the book, one may get the feeling that Kastleman is an alarmist. He maintains that Internet porn and cybersex are drugs as addictive as cocaine. He shows how Internet porn works on people's thinking with chapters targeting different groups--males, females, child abusers, and corporate America. The book not only tackles the problem, but offers ways of getting treatment and help with options for parents and teachers including "Ethinet," a porn blocking service.

The book has exhaustive references and is well-written. We recommend it highly to all parents, teachers, and Church leaders. Pornography is a significant problem that is largely ignored or unrecognized by the Church today, and Kastleman has done a good job of articulating the problem and making suggestions about how to deal with it.

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