The Way of Light

By Roy Harris
Crane, Missouri

Who made the path and guides the ray of light upon its way
Among the far-flung galaxies that fill the universe?
The light which left the stellar regions long before our birth
Delights, tonight, the eyes of many creatures on the earth.

Where goes the light when it is "out"?
What are components of its power? Its source of energy?
How does it manufacture food through photosynthesis
By process esoteric, unfathomed by the finite mind?

Light comes, in time of only minutes, from our nearest star,
Illuminates the earth, brings heat and energy as well.
Who knows the potential possibilities yet to be found
In this illusive element? Both man and nature use
A tiny fraction of a fraction of the energy
With which we are bombarded by the burning sun each day.

Where does this incandescent candle vanish when it's through?
Who knows the path it takes, or traces its ethereal route?
Who knows where light abides when darkness hides it from our view?
What human eye has followed; or has mortal mind a clue?
Illumination, life, and power it gives in great degree,
Mute witness of a hand beyond what we can do or see.

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