Kansas Tornado

Kansas Tornado by Paul Ackerman and Bob Williams,
Institute for Creation Research,
PO Box 2667, El Cajon, CA 92021, 1999, 178 pages

During the summer of 1999, a major battle took place over science standards in the state of Kansas. As everyone knows, a set of standards was adopted that was repugnant to evolutionists as well as many non-evolutionists. The media has done a good job of publicizing the evolutionist position.

This book is an attempt to present an anti-evolution view of what happened in Kansas. This book starts in its preface by giving its own definition of key words. Naturalism, evolution, and science are the terms that are defined; and major conflicts occur right away.

The state had defined science as a "method of observation involved with only natural forces." The author wanted the definition to be "controlled observation of nature." This attention to definitions is useful. The author then developed the idea that the real conflict is one of world views. The next 30 pages are well written contrasts between naturalism and creationism. There is nothing new in this section for readers of the evolution/creation controversy. The book clearly shows the differences as seen from the creationist viewpoint.

The book begins chapter 12 by attempting to tell people how to duplicate what was done in Kansas in other states. A series of steps is given with specific dos and don'ts. The last 24 pages contain some very useful appendices. Appendix D compares the proposals from the writing committee with the Kansas boards' adopted standards. The book is worth its price just for this table. There is also a copy of a letter from the ACLU to public school superintendents which is interesting.

If you are interested in the Kansas decision, you will find this book to be useful. In this journal, we have taken issue with denominational creationists in numerous points in the past, both biblically and scientifically. This book presents numerous points I believe many readers will not agree with. The views included nicely define the issues and that makes the book worthwhile.

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