Some Sat in Darkness

By Mike and Brenda Leatherwood, Declan Joyce, and
Joanne Randall, Discipleship Publications, International,
One Merrill St., Woburn MA 01801, 1997, 163 pages, $9.99

This is a book dealing with chemical addiction and the recovery from such addiction. It is an outgrowth of a ministry of the New York City Church of Christ associated with the discipling ministries. During the past 10 years, this ministry has brought over 500 people out of chemical dependency, and any ministry that successful is worth taking a look at.

The book begins by defining chemical dependency and how a person gets into that condition. This is treated in a clear scientific way with useful symptoms being identified. The second chapter deals with methods of converting those who are addicted, which is followed in the third chapter by methods of pulling the addict away from their addiction. This is not a doctrinal chapter and, if it were not titled "Discipling," the reader would understand it to be positive ways of keeping the recovering addict free of his/her substance.

Chapter 4 challenges church members who defend drinking. Good arguments are made, but the authors do not go far enough in this writer's opinion because moderate drinking is condoned in some situations. The remainder of the book deals with ways to deal with the special problems produced by substance abuse. A wide variety of issues are treated in positive and useful ways.

This is the kind of book that people who are beginning a ministry to chemical dependent people will find useful. There are many useful and positive suggestions and the program has done a great deal of good. Those concerned about the control factors inherent in the Boston movement will not find that to be a distraction in the usefulness of this book.

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