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Bible Reliability: Birthing the Nation of Israel

by James M. Gregory, self-published, www.lulu.com, © 2014,
213 pages, $21.95 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-312-78059-0

The front page of the book of JobThere are many reasons for an author to self-publish his research. Our materials have been self-published for 47 years. These reasons have been to keep the price down, preserve our message which tends to be altered by publisher editing, and to allow us to make the material available free to people we feel need it. We have reviewed material by James Gregory before and have found it to be useful and well researched. Dr. Gregory has been a professor at the University of Missouri and Texas Tech for over 30 years.

Skeptics have criticized the Bible for being unreliable in its record of history, and the stated objective of this book is “to analyze and show evidence that the Bible is accurate about the development of the nation of Israel.” The book is in a 9 x 14-inch format and is divided into four sections: (A) Birthing the Nation of Israel, (B) Events of the Exodus, (C) Law and Faith Building, and (D) Rules for a Nation. The format allows numerous charts, maps, and usable information about the accuracy of the Bible in everything from medical knowledge to sexual conduct. There is strong documentation and the book is very easy to read. We recommend this book highly to anyone interested in the credibility of the Bible.