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Walter Kohn

“I see myself as religious simultaneously in two ways. One is that I have found that religion … has enriched my own life and is something that I have conveyed to my children and feel that their lives also have been enriched.”

“Secondly, I am very much of a scientist, and so I naturally have thought about religion also through the eyes of a scientist. When I do that, I see religion not denominationally, but in more, let us say, deistic sense. I have been influenced in my thinking by the writings of Einstein who has made remarks to the effect that when he contemplated the world he sensed an underlying Force much greater than any human force. I feel very much the same. There is a sense of awe, a sense of reverence, and a sense of great mystery.”

“The relationship of science and religion should be one of ‘mutual respect. They are complementary important parts of the human experience.’ ”

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