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Sometimes religious people talk too much, meaning they talk about what they believe more than they show us what they believe by how they live. We have all heard the saying “I'd rather see a sermon than hear one.” Certainly there is a place for both, and I am not minimizing the necessity and importance and joy of telling others about God's love and mercy. However, unless one is living the way God tells us to live in his Word, our words are shallow and our example dishonors and discredits God (Romans 2:21 – 23). Not only that, but our bad example can do much damage to the faith, or budding faith, of others. This is especially true within families, with the people who know us the best.

Most Christian parents want their children to grow up to love God and follow him. What do they do to accomplish this? Hopefully they take their children to church services with them regularly; but, if that is all they do, many children stop going when they leave home. Why does this happen? In many cases it is because what they hear at church about God, Jesus, and the Bible is not being put into practice at home. Home is where they need to “see the sermon.”

Father and children reading the Bible.There are numerous lists of sinful behaviors versus godly behaviors in the New Testament. Galatians 5:19 – 23 is just one. What are children seeing and hearing at home? Is there yelling, arguing, bad language, anger, conflict, discord; or, maybe, more subtle sins such as selfishness, selfish ambition, greed, materialism, jealousy, envy, gossip, ill will, and unforgiveness? Or, are they seeing parents who practice kindness, gentleness, patience, self control, generosity, forgiveness, and infuse the home with joy, love, and peace? Our actions and words reflect what is in our hearts. If we truly love God, we will show it in our actions, words, attitudes, and the choices we make.

John talks about scientific evidence for the existence of God, but he and I agree that the best evidence children see for the validity of Christianity is the power and love of God revealed in the lives of consistent, dedicated parents.

— Cynthia Clayton

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