Nobel title

“Prayer gives us strength to bear cares and anxieties, to hope when there is no logical motive for hope, to remain steadfast in the midst of catastrophes.”

“The words of Jesus penetrate deeply into the reality of life. They ignore philosophy; they break all conventions; they are so astonishing that, even to this day, we find them hard to understand.” “Nevertheless, Jesus knows our world. Wherever we are at any moment of day or night, Jesus is at our disposition. We can reach Him simply by turning toward Him our desire and our love. It is an easily observable fact that, even in a society created by science and technology, this need of God has persisted.”

“For modern man, the only rule of conduct is his own good pleasure. Everyone is enclosed in his own egoism like a crab in its shell, and again like the crab, seeks to devour his neighbor.” “Our civilization has, in truth, forgotten that it is born of the blood of Christ; it has also forgotten God.” “Unfortunately, most modern men are incapable of acting for the love of their neighbors, of their country, or of God, for the only thing they love is themselves.” “But [our civilization] still understands the beauty of the Gospel narratives and of the Sermon on the Mount. It is still moved by those words of pity and love which bring peace, and sometimes even joy, to the broken, the afflicted, the sick and the dying.” “I want to be like smoke in the wind at God’s disposal.”

(Additional quotes are in our Jan/Feb 2010 issue.)

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