Book Review title

Constitution of Faith
by LaVern Vivio, 2010, 39 pages,
$5.00 (paperback), no ISBN

LaVern Vivio is well known in the Nashville, Tennessee, area as a creative, intelligent voice for God and for the credibility of the Christian system. She shares the concern of many people that the United States Constitution is being twisted and distorted to be an atheist document. Vivio’s contention is that God’s blessings on the United States has been at least in part enjoyed because of a desire of the founding fathers to be united in an allegiance to God. With that is mind she has written an apologetic for the Christian system in the form of the constitution.

This booklet is divided into a Preamble and four Articles and an Amendment on grace. The four Articles are The Creator, The Fall, The Savior, and The Church. Each of those four areas are supported by quotes from others who have explored the evidence in these subject areas including Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Bruce Shelley, Bodie and Brock Thoene, Penn Jillett, and John Clayton. The booklet is 4 - by -12 inches so it is not a typical booklet in appearance or form. It is a one shot apologetic, and would be useful in a variety of evangelistic uses.

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