by William Lane Craig,
Crossway Books, 2008, 415 pages, $26.00
(paperback), ISBN-13:  978-1-4335-0115-9.

One of the brightest lights in apologetics in today’s world is Dr. William Lane Craig. Dr. Craig has a PhD in philosophy and has been involved in a large number of debates on university campuses and on television. He is very capable both in his presentations and his knowledge. This book is a summary of much of Dr. Craig’s teachings.

This book is divided into five large units with a total of eight chapters. The first unit is a discussion of how to know Christianity is true. The second unit is the absurdity of trying to build a life that has meaning without God. The third unit is a large section of the major scientific evidence for the existence of God which deals with some of the major arguments in cosmology, a discussion of ontological approaches, and teleology. This is a very strong section with various scientific problems with the proposals about the nature of our particular system being discussed. The fourth unit involves problems of historical knowledge and miracles. The fifth unit is a deep discussion of how we know Jesus was God and an understanding of the resurrection.

Craig does a wonderful job of handling this material. This book is well-researched, up-to-date, heavily documented, and accurate. It is written with great clarity, and leans hard on philosophy, using a wide range of philosophers and scholars to support his points.

For those with an interest in apologetics, this is a book that should be in your library and should be read frequently. It has a very complete index which can be used to look up questions and issues that occur in daily work with people who have faith problems. There are a number of supplements and guides that can be purchased to use with the book in various teaching situations. The Web site is We recommend this material highly as a useful tool in the hands of those who are battling naturalism and scientism in the minds of their young.

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