"Christ's rule and example showed God as our Father and us as His children, a society in which love governs all."

"From religion comes man's purpose; from science, his power to achieve it. Sometimes people ask if religion and science are opposed to one another. They are: in the sense that the thumb and fingers of my hand are opposed to one another. It is an opposition by means of which anything can be grasped."

"Science is experimental, moving forward step-by-step, making trial and learning through success and failure. Is not this also the way of religion, and especially the Christian religion? The writings of those who preach the religion have from the very beginning insisted that it is to be proved by experience. If a man is drawn towards honor and courage and endurance, justice, mercy, and charity, let him follow the way of Christ and find out for himself. No findings of science hinder him in that way."

"As to the acrual mode of the experiment, I will say nothing. We all know it well already: it has been enshrined in a thousand testimonies; it has been displayed in countless lives; it is all included in the lovely words of St. Paul, simple though they are: 'And the greatest of these is [love].'"

Bragg identified "'two sad mistakes' in the current science-religion debates: The one is to suppose that science, that is to say, the study of Nature, leads to materialism. The other that the worship of God can be carried on without the equipment which science provides."

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