Announcing the 2008 Canyon Lands Tour

For the last 40 years, we have conducted a week-long program in the summer to train others to do what we are doing in our ministry.  This has frequently involved a trip in the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas.  Many have requested a trip that is more challenging physically, more recreational, and less academic in nature.  This summer we are planning such a trip, directed by Alan Doty and Mark Story.  Alan is one of the most informed people in the world on the Grand Canyon, and Mark operates Queenslander Tours, a Christian tour company that we have worked with many times over the years.

 When:  The trip will begin in Flagstaff Sunday evening, August 17, and will go through Friday, August 22.

Where:  It will involve hiking in the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Meteor Crater, and Petrified Forest.  There will be visits to Lowell Observatory and many other interesting locations.

  The cost will be $697/person for two in a room or $437/person for four in a room.  This includes bus costs, admissions, and breakfasts, but does not include transportation to/from Flagstaff.  A deposit of $250 a person is due to Queenslander Tours by May 15.  This will be a wonderful, active trip with a Christian atmosphere and solid information.  John Clayton will not be on the trip, but will assist Alan and Mark with materials.

Teachers/Guides:  Alan Doty, and Mark Story

For more information, contact Queenslander and Mark Story at 877-865-6711 (toll free) or e-mail Mark at  Click on Canyon Lands Trip picture below for a link to his Web site.

To read about a previous trip read this link, America's Canyonlands Tell of God's Handiwork and The Grand Canyon 2002 Seminar:  More Data on Genesis.

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