The Design of Water Processors

As mankind has studied the balance seen in nature, it becomes increasingly obvious that there are carefully designed systems in nature that clean and maintain the natural environment. Water is one of the most important things that has to be maintained and controlled for life to exist over the long haul. Having adequate supplies of clean pure water is vital to life. There is estimated to be 370 quintillion gallons of water on planet Earth, an amount that has probably stayed pretty much constant since this planet began. The animals that clean and process this water to make it useful to other forms of life are incredible.

Scientists studying the natural hydrology of North America have discovered that one of the most important agents of water quality in the past has been beavers. Some 200 million beavers slowed the progress of rivers in the past so that silt dropped out of them and the water then leaked through their semiporous dams. In addition to that, beavers created a network of wetland meadows that absorbed and cleaned surface water runoff.

Bison and elk sustained tallgrass prairies that soaked up massive amounts of water so the water was held on the land, and thousands of colonies of prairie dogs dug networks of tunnels that channeled water deeper so that water that came out in springs recharged lakes and streams with ultra pure water. When mankind first came to North America, the rivers were clean and pure and there was no mud or silt, because this elaborate system had made the water of the highest quality.

The problem we obviously face today is how to restore the processes either naturally or synthetically to duplicate the system that God designed and placed in operation that worked so well. If we succeed in doing that, we will emulate the design of the system that God initially created. If we do not do this, there will be continued pollution, disease, and hardship on all humans. Mankind is being challenged to its limit to replace and/or restore what God did originally.--Reference: National Wildlife, June/July 2004, pages 22-26.

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