My Baby Sister

My sister came into this world soon after me
She has been more of an inspiration than anyone could ever be

Not by her words, for she will never be able to speak
But for the times in my dreams we have walked along the creek

As a child I have longed for our relationship to start
Because I knew as friends we would never part.

I have spent many hours thinking about our late night talks
And the possibilities of our early morning walks

I know this will never happen except in my mind
But I feel the special love in our relationship no one else will ever find.

Through our relationship I have learned empathy
But you have taught me how to have sympathy

I know you will never understand these words
Or listen to the song of the springtime birds

You will never see the tears I cry for you at night
But I want you to know that you are my shining light

I look forward to the day when we meet up in the sky
Because then we will never have to say good-bye

There we will sit together and our hopes will never dim
As we sing the wonderful praises to Him

There is one reason I wrote these words about you
And that is to say I will always Love You

Written by Mark Pafford to his sister on her 18th birthday February 17, 1991

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