The Killer Within

by Mike Taliaferro, Discipleship Publications International, 1997, 24 pages

Many times in this journal, we have reviewed books written by people we disagree with. Sometimes the authors have been controversial, but had some insight or understanding that was useful. The International Church of Christ or Boston movement as it is sometimes called, has some books that are truly unique and have a lot to offer. Endorsing a book does not mean we endorse the author's politics or religious practices. We recently came across a little book that is so unusual that we wanted to make people aware of it.

Mike Taliaferro is an evangelist in the discipling movement who has worked extensively in Africa. He has also had his own personal battle with cancer. Our book of the month is his discussion of diseases he has seen in Africa and how spiritual situations parallel those diseases. Mr. Taliaferro tells of the cases he has seen of ebola, cholera, cancer, meningitis, tetanus, and guinea worm. After describing each of these, he shows how sin and choices in life have similar results on a spiritual level.

Medical students, devotional leaders, preachers, and teachers will find a wealth of illustrations in this little book. We recommend it to you for educational uses by Christian educators.

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