Christianity Stands True

by Lynn Gardner, College Press Publishing Company,
Joplin, MO, 1994, 160 pages

This is a new book in the field of apologetics. It is very general and quite basic. There are two chapters on the historical accuracy of the New Testament, two chapters on the divinity of Christ, two chapters on the inspiration of the Bible, two chapters on design in the physical world, and two chapters on the meaning and philosophy offered in Christianity. With 160 pages, it is obvious that there is not much depth to the book.

It appears to this reader that what Gardner did was to take sermon or class materials and put it into book form. There are poor quality black and white pictures in the book that look like they were made on a copy machine. There are numerous charts that would make great overhead transparencies. The material is accurate and well documented, and there is a logical flow to the book. There are some excellent quotes of scholars and historical figures that are quite useful. This would be a good book for a person teaching a 4th to 6th grade class on basic evidences. Its usefulness at the college level would be very limited.

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