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Book Reviews

Meeting the Word in the World

by Glen Warner, Authorhouse Publishing, © 2014, 373 pages,
$23.95 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-4918-3201-1, (Kindle edition $3.99)

Meeting the Word in the World bookcoverOne of the characteristics of humans that is unique to us is our ability to love and appreciate beauty. It is our soul that allows us to be mesmerized by a sunset, the beauty of a bird resplendent in colors, or the magnificence of a great tree. Glen Warner is the kind of man who can be walking along the shoreline of Lake Erie and see something that brings a passage of scripture to his mind as he reflects his appreciation of the wisdom of God and the beauty of creation. In this book he has brought these thoughts into an excellent collection of sights, sounds, and the scriptures that he sees as relating to what he is observing. Warner has done a great deal of traveling, and this book is broken down into the following categories:

The Word in the Desert
The Word at the Shore
The Word in the Country
The Word in the World

This book is not an apologetic, but the keen observations are scientifically accurate. Warner writes well with sensitivity and a great awareness of spiritual things. This is a book for believers who want to sharpen their awareness of the beauty and wisdom of the creation, and see the connections between the writers of the Bible and the world they observed.

The last part of the book contains studies of passages of the Bible and comments about how those passages intersect with daily life. This book would make a good source of devotionals, campfire talks, and introductions to class discussions. For many of us it is simply an excellent reminder of the handiwork and workmanship of God.