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Charles Townes“I believe that there is a Divine Providence operating over and above the materialist happenings of biological evolution.” “If I consider reality as I experience it, the primary experience I have is of my own existence as a unique self-consciousness being which I believe is God-created.”

“Since materialists solutions fail to account for our experienced uniqueness, I am constrained to attribute the uniqueness of the self or soul to a supernatural spiritual creation. This conclusion is of inestimable theological significance. It strongly reinforces our belief in the human soul and its miraculous origin in a divine creation.”

“I believe in the reality of the world of mind or spirit as well as in the reality of the material world. Furthermore I am a finalist in the sense of believing that there is some Design that has eventually led to us self-conscious beings with our unique individuality; and we are able to contemplate and we can attempt to understand the grandeur and wonder of nature.” “We can regard the death of the body and brain as dissolution of our dualist existence. Hopefully, the liberated soul will find another future of even deeper meaning and more entrancing experiences, perhaps in some renewed embodied existence in accord with traditional Christian teaching.”

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