Book Review-title

The Blessings of an Adopted Child
by Ray Mack Thompson & Durwood Montgomery,,
2009, 50 minutes, $10.00 (DVD), email:

Book coverWe have mentioned a number of times in this journal that adoption is a special act of love that flies in the face of mindless evolution and natural selection. If the sociobiological explanation of life is accepted — that all we are here to do is to promote our genes by whatever method is available — then adoption does not make sense. In the animal world, such a statement does not always work, but in humans it does not work at all. Your writer has been blessed to have three adopted children, and the joy and love that has come through that experience has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Ray Thompson has articulated this concept in a number of materials that show it well and share his personal experience. His materials will be especially helpful to adoptees and adoptive parents. You can see his material on (several women in the group were adopted and several gave up their children for adoption) or see his Web site at

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