Without a Doubt

by Kenneth Richard Samples, Baker Book House, ISBN 0-8010-6469-4
© 2004, 286 pages, $15.99, paperback

Kenneth Richard Samples is associated with Reasons to Believe operated by Hugh Ross. He has been associated with the Creation Research Institute and has taught apologetics at Biola University. His strong background of experience at answering questions in apologetics shines through in this well written and detailed work. What Samples has done is to take 20 questions commonly asked in apologetics, and has given answers to them. The book is divided into three parts:

I. Knowing God exists and what God's nature is.

II. Questions about the existence and divinity of Christ.

III. World religions, morality, evil, and justification for Christian apologetics.

This is not a scientific work. Samples' degrees are in philosophy and theology, and his approach is from that perspective. His answers are easy to understand and have good documentation. There is a useful index and the approach is well structured with points listed and charts used where applicable.

This is a book that would be useful for college students, teachers, and preachers who want a good discussion of questions we hear a lot about in our world today. It will not satisfy all readers because of its limited science content, but that will be a plus for other readers. Some of the theology is rooted in Samples' denominational background, but even in those cases the material is explained well. We recommend this book highly.

--John N. Clayton

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