The 270° Triangle
by Frank Harshey and John Clayton

One of the themes we continue to attempt to present in this periodical is the fact that many of the struggles people have in understanding God are rooted in their inability to understand how God functions and what His nature must be.  Questions like, "What race is God?" "What sex is God?" "How can God hear the prayers of many different people in many different places all at once?" "Who created God?" "Why does God allow awful things to happen?"--all of these issues are a reflection of what kind of a being we think God is.

A compass with geometric objects The Bible gives us many pictures of what God is like and what His nature is.  All of these descriptions portray God as a being who exists outside of time and space.  God exists in a different dimension than do we.  If God exists in different dimensions from us, then the rules that are inviolable in our dimensions can be no barrier in God's dimensions.  To illustrate, I challenge you to draw a triangle on the ground that has three 90° angles.  You may reply "It is impossible.  Don't you know the rules of Euclidian geometry?"  I then say it is easier to visualize if you start at the North Pole, draw down the Prime Meridian to the Equator, make the first 90° angle, go west to 90° West, then make a second 90° angle to the north, coming out at the North Pole perpendicular to the first line, another 90° angle.  By changing from two dimensions to three dimensions, the impossible becomes easy.  How do we, stuck here in our dimensions, have the power to comprehend God in His dimensions?  The answer is, of course, that we do not!  To answer the most profound questions about God, we have to be willing to enlarge our understandings of the nature of God.  When we do that, the statement like "In him we live and move and have our being" takes on a whole new meaning.

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