Does God Exist? Loses Another "Founding Friend"

When the Does God Exist? program began in 1968, there were a few key people who made it a reality. Early in the program, Tom and Marilyn Love got involved with our work. They were our most enthusiastic and involved supporters for many years. Tom is still the only member of my home congregation that ever went with me on a neutral ground lectureship so he could see what we do. Tom and Marilyn worked at some time or another in virtually every part of this work. Marilyn served as a hostess for our summer seminars, typed articles, did computer work, and spent endless hours stuffing correspondence courses and making up packets of materials. Together, they spent hours watching videos and listening to cassettes for us to help us be aware of what was going on in the world. Tom handled our materials for the blind program totally and made up our International Video scripts for all 29 languages. Tom helped with our printing and processing of literature, and was the person who maintained our mobile exhibit for the 20 years it functioned.

In February 2002 Marilyn passed away after a battle with cancer. In May we lost Tom to heart failure. I think that at least a part of that failure was the heartbreak of losing Marilyn. We spent many hours together talking about her and about life, and Tom bravely tried to go on with all of the things they did together.

Those of you who have been to our summer seminars, or been close to our work probably will remember Tom--always positive, always enthusiastic, always an encourager, and always incredulous at the success Satan has in the world and in the Church. People like Tom and Marilyn are a far more powerful argument for the validity of the Christian system than anything I could ever do or say. We will miss them terribly, but the positive work they did on the earth and their unflinching support of us and our work will always be a part of us and of our attempts to reach out to a lost and dying world

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