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The Does God Exist? ministry and York University are dedicating the Clayton Apologetics Reading Room as a part of the York Bible Department Equip Conference 2024. The name of the conference comes from Ephesians 4:12 because it is designed to equip congregations to strengthen and grow. It features special sessions with Dr. Carlus Cupton, Dr. Lance Hawley, Scott Lambert, and several other speakers and teachers.

The Clayton Apologetics Reading Room is an addition to the Clayton Museum of Ancient History. Over the 56 years of the Does God Exist? ministry, John Clayton has subscribed to virtually every atheist and apologetics periodical in existence. In addition to his collection of over 1,000 periodicals, he has built a library of books dealing with apologetics. Some of the books date to the 1800s and have historical significance. The Clayton collection includes books by skeptics and atheists, well-known scholars of apologetics, and leading Church of Christ evangelists. All of the books deal with questions of God’s existence, how we know the Bible is the Word of God, and how we know Jesus was a historical person and the Son of God.

In our age of skepticism, atheism, agnosticism, naturalism, and doubt, York University and the Does God Exist? ministry wanted to provide a place where anyone could research the erosion of faith in America and the apologetic answer to it. The reading room will feature all of the Clayton collection of materials and provide a comfortable place for study and research. The Clayton Apologetics Reading Room will also continue to stay updated on the latest and best books and resources for promoting faith in our world of skepticism.

You are invited to attend the Equip Conference on March 11 – 12 and the dedication of the Clayton Apologetics Reading Room on March 11 at 2:00 p.m. (This is a video recording of that ceremony). For more information and to register for the activities, go to york.edu/equip or call 800-950-YORK (402-363-5600) or e-mail Garrett Best at York University (gbest@york.edu).

York University, 1125 E. 8th St., York, Nebraska 68467