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Solve the following puzzle based on the main articles in this issue.

The title of this article is THANK YOU, MR. SPERRY! with a picture of a red all purpose pocket knife on a rustic wooden background.


[4] Medical term for a broken heart.
[5] The chances of naturalistic evolution putting us here is _______.
[6] Humans are unique because we are created in God's _______.
[7] The psalmist David wrote that God counts our _______.
[8] Only humans produce _______ tears.
[10] Broken heart syndrom changes the structure fo your physical _______.


[1] There is a difference between pain and _______.
[2] Evolutionists explain unrelated life forms having similar features as _______ evolution.
[3] Having your brain at the top helps avoid a _______.
[9] Columbus kenw that Earth is spherical, be he thought it was 25% _______ than it is.

If you get stumped, the answers can be found at the end of the News and Notes article.